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3dsmax Ishani Archive

Back when 3dsmax was originally released, freeware plug-ins were few and far between. A small cluster of developers, myself included, leapt on this new 3D software and began producing all sorts of new additions and extensions, released for free to the burgeoning 3DS community. My first Ishani-brand site was set up to show off my wares; it was later hosted on, a then-popular 3dsmax news and plug-in review site.

My work on the 3dsmax freeware scene eventually landed me a job working for Kinetix (then Discreet, followed by Autodesk Multimedia & Entertainment Solutions). I got to mess with the internals of the product itself, including producing the facial animation blender in R3.0 (Morpher), extending the scripting system, as well as writing procedural textures for the ArchViz product, VIZ.

Any of my plug-ins that were actually of any practical use eventually got wound into 3dsmax in some form or another. A lot of them were the result of me learning to code and bodging together some half-understood algorithm into a semi-tidy package.

A lot of the original source code is irretrievably lost (this was back before I understood the necessity of good code back-up practices) but I have versions compiled for 3dsmax 2.x and 3.x archived here.

Later, while at Kinetix, I wrote a bunch of plug-ins exclusively for max 3.0, downloadable here for completeness’ sake. These were also distributed with a book by 3ds guru Jon Bell, "3D Studio MAX R2.5 F/X and Design".