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IPAS Freeware

IPAS was the name given to plugin interface built into 3D Studio R2 (1992) and beyond. It is an acronym made up of the various different ways one could add functionality to the product – Image processing, Procedural modelling, And So on.

I cut my C programming teeth trying to write my own little set of IPAS plug-ins, although I never got round to officially releasing them on CompuServe – they were so basic / wonky I was probably too embarrassed to show them to anyone else.

It was only many years later a guy named Robert Seidel contacted me after playing with my 3dsmax plug-ins, asking if I had ever written some free IPAS routines as he was compiling a little archive of all known 3DS freeware. I chucked him what I could find. Until recently, his site was the only place to download them.

Although I have no idea why you might want to, they can now be downloaded here .. maybe if you're in dire need of a mature (v1.3!), semi-animatable (!) pixelation filter for your latest 320x200 phong-shaded masterpiece?

alt text

3D Studio runs beautifully in DOSBox, allowing me to get fresh screenshots of dialog boxes I never thought I'd see again... (Normality: "Render" / "Skip" .. what?)

.. and render out some proper 90s GIF horror.

alt text