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Back in 1997 I became friends with a scarily smart programmer named Andrew Cross, then studying for his PhD in Computer Vision in York. Alongside his studies he managed to find time to ‘throw together’ a bunch of rather impressive visual effects tools called Genesis. The heavyweight ‘VFX’ product was a fairly comprehensive 3D-capable compositor and effect production tool that, as far as I know, never actually saw the light of day – I believe it was assimilated by NewTek when they employed Andrew as the ink was still drying on his thesis a year later. He was promoted to president of the company in 2014, so it seems that he was a very good investment!

Alongside VFX was the simpler, 2D-effects-centric plug-in that ran in 3dsmax and Photoshop. For the day it was a pretty powerful bit of kit that let the user assemble some unique and highly-configurable lens flares, glows and all kinds of weird stuff. As part of beta testing the product I ended up producing 4 packs of example files to help show off what it could do, some of the results of which are displayed here.


The original Genesis site, circa 1997, can still be viewed over here.

Recently I tried hunting down a working version to have a play, over 15 years on – sadly the publishers are long, long gone and a working download of the most recent version (V2 Pro) is nearly impossible to dig up. Nearly impossible, note. After hours of trawling broken links, dodgy websites and page after page of old forums, I struck gold and have archived what I scraped together for posterity.


I can report that it works perfectly in Paint.NET using the excellent PSFilterPDN plug-in. Success! Nostalgia abounds and a little piece of personal history is not lost to internet entropy.

October 2014 : More Unearthed Treasures!

I was recently contacted by Ivailo after he found this page while looking for the 3D Studio Max version of Genesis; he had also found an old Genesis CD (promo copy?) which he generously ripped and sent over.


Download it here (50MB) - contained within are all the rest of the preset files that shipped with the product (including the ones above) along with some gloriously oldschool AVIs and - not that I remember this at all - a bunch of my old 3dsmax plugins too! A chunk of history!