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GTA2 Hacking

When Grand Theft Auto 2 was released back in 1999, I was determined to create the first hacking tools for it. Instead of jumping in and playing, I sat with a hex editor and cobbled together two utilities – a complete save game editor and the “Power Manager”, a tool that unlocked massive amounts of game data editing functionality in the default GTA2 launcher. Both were originally posted to Gouranga!, they are mirrored here below for anyone playing the free version released by Rockstar -- although having checked in 2014 it looks like the titles are mysteriously "currently unavailable". You might want to check over on instead...


In the previous version of this site I wrote how I had lost the source code to these tools (like many things in the mothballed projects section, they were written when I was young and naïve, yet to learn about decent source control practices!) but that I was convinced I had written and released a ‘C’ version of the save game editor back in the day. Since then, the lovely Sektor from GTAMP got in touch and graciously supplied me with a backup of the ‘C’ release that he had found on his PC – so thanks to him my tiny archive is a little more complete!

And thank goodness, because:

1.1c fixes a compatability problem with Windows 95

(I distinctly remember how awful the code was in these little apps. Perhaps it's for the best that it was lost.)

There are two utilities - the save game editor and the 'Power Manager' which unlocks the built-in advanced game options in the launcher. The package with both is available here.