I'm Harry. Hello!

I write code. C++ mostly. You may have encountered some of it if you ever used 3dsmax, shot someone in a recent Grand Theft Auto or scanned in your face with Kinect Sports Rivals.

Presently I work at Hello Games on No Man's Sky.

The long version is on LinkedIn.


I have a website so I have somewhere to dump things I think or write or accidentally finish coding.

I've been making dumb little websites for myself since the mid-nineties, back when websites cost a lot more to run and looked a whole lot worse. My casual relationship with web development usually means that every few years I spend an intensive few weeks bringing myself back up to date, throw away everything I did before and write it all again. Efficient.

Back in 1997 it looked like this and precociously demanded that visitors had at least 1024x768 and 256 colours, a level of technology only available to the five richest kings of Europe at the time.


This new iteration does away with WordPress, exploitable PHP, bloaty SQL databases and other such fluff. It's static, lean and fast.

The source is written using Sublime Text 3 and then processed by Jekyll on Windows (I know, right?) using Madhur's Portable Jekyll.

The theme is a mildly butched version of Lanyon by @mdo.

CSS and JS are bundled by the fantastic Jekyll Asset Bundler by Colin Kennedy.

Resulting HTML is whitespace-compressed using this marvellous Jekyll Liquid plugin by Anatol Broder.

The sitemap generation is based upon this post by David Ensinger.


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