Rebooted, Again


I finally got the time and impetus to return to working on this blog after a long, intensive period of work and life distractions. Time flies when you're having fun! Or buying a house. Or working crunch hours.

And, and per usual, I immediately got the itch to rewrite it all.

I'm dreadfully fickle and enjoy learning new stuff, so this was the ideal excuse to go on a ramble through What's Hot in web development and find cool shit to play with. For the last iteration I had chosen Wordpress because it was popular and easy to deploy, however I never really used it to it's full extent and it meant taking some major performance hits for the privilege.

Wordpress and oodles of PHP was junked for Jekyll. Everything is shiny and static and reactive and fast and secure - so far I love it! More details about the bits and pieces used to write and generate the site are listed on the About page.

I will port across anything useful from the old site although I'm also going to take the opportunity to spring clean any of the uninteresting or outdated guff in the process.