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After someone reported that ClangVSx wasn’t loading into the VS 2012 RC, I tried using the latest [New Add-in Wizard] to see what I was missing, or what had changed. Turns out, their default example add-ins don’t load either, or at least they don’t on my install.

I’m not entirely sure why yet, but the usual spot where I put AddIn files for registration – Documents\Visual Studio 2012\Addins – wasn’t being scanned by Visual Studio. There are no obvious differences in the [Tools] -> Options -> Add-In Security panel, yet the entry I would expect to have covered that path – %VSMYDOCUMENTS%\Addins – clearly wasn’t working.

Manually adding in my local path fixes it.

Just incase there are any issues with loading the existing version of ClangVSx, I’ve quickly recompiled it inside 2012 using the .NET 4.5 Framework .. snip Update: It required a few code changes to get things working in 2012. A new version, along with an update to the Clang-Win32 package is coming very soon.

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    Kumail Ahmed says:

    Why is there no Add-in Security tab in visual studio 2012? I’m using VC++.

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