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A post two months after the last with almost the same content! Here’s just a quick note to say – if you’re mucking with ClangVSx or my pre-built Clang for Windows package, both have just been updated. Details on the pages.

IMPORTANT: The Clang distribution is built with Visual Studio 2012 – Please snag the X86 redistributables from Microsoft to use it if you don’t have VS2012 (RTM) installed.


2 Responses to ClangVSx, Again

    Mani says:

    Just so you know. I believe you built clang.exe (clang3.2_oct2012) using Visual studio 2012 and it complain about a dll “MSVCP110.dll”. I think it is because i don’t have 2012 but 2010…

    ishani says:

    Ah, I knew I forgot to mention something! I have amended this post and the Clang-Win32 page. Thanks for reminding me :)

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